Programme Overview


Given the nature and size of the challenge, we envisage a community wide effort involving various NGOs, schools and temples, with CCI acting as the catalyst and bridge builder between them.

Currently, we are actively working with four NGOs—CHILD, Persatuan Guru Tadika Malaysia (PGT”), Malaysia Hindu Sangam (“MHS”), and Tamil Foundation. All four have expressed interest and involvement in taking the initiative forward.

CCI shall provide the syllabus, teaching and learning materials, facilitate teacher training, parent involvement, and monitor/supervise the implementation.


To set up 400 new preschool classrooms2 with the capacity to educate up to 8,000 preschoolers (children ages 4-6) per annum by the end of 2011.

To adopt 400 existing preschool classrooms that are currently educating about 7,500 disadvantaged preschoolers per annum by the end of 2011.

To ensure at least 75 percent of the preschoolers educated under our care are ‘school prepared’ (basic grasp of the languages and numbers).

To test and improve the efficacy of the Preschool Kit (“KGKit”) by implementing it at 50 pilot preschool classrooms by June 2007, and take on board an additional 50 classrooms in July 2007.

To implement comprehensive programs for teacher training, quality assurance and parent and community involvement system by December 2007.