The government is the largest provider of preschool education in Malaysia—where the Ministry of Rural Development; Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development; and Ministry of Education (“MOE”) together provide preschool education to 702,897 students between ages four and six. The MOE opens between 5-10 preschools in Tamil schools annually. Currently, 75 MOE preschools operate within Tamil schools, catering to 1,875 students.

Preschools vary in size. Some are small and may have only one classroom; while others cater to a large number of preschoolers and may even have six or seven classrooms. So, preschool classrooms are used throughout as the unit.

The teacher trainee would first undergo an introductory course for 10 days. Subsequently, he/she would be required to successfully complete nine 5-day courses over three years before she is considered a trained teacher.